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Big Boy Room – Decorating on the Fly

March 23, 2010

Anytime I have tackled a home improvement project, something always comes up that you didn’t anticipate.  This happens no matter how much I plan or research.  So, I have learned how to adjust my plans and in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.”

Such was the story this weekend when we got started on Edward’s big boy room.  Turns out my built-in bookcase plan needed some tweaking.  Originally, I had planned on adding a strip of molding to the front each spot two bookcases met, thus covering the crack (shown below).

However, the bookshelves stick over the edge of the ledge about a 1/2 inch and adding the molding would cause the shelves to stick over even more so we abandoned that idea.  I have to learn to live with the cracks.  We flanked each side of the shelves with a strip of wood painted to match the shelves and attached with L-brackets.  This makes the entire wall unit span from wall to wall.

We are still adding crown molding to the top to make the shelves look more like one unit.  We also opted to leave the backs off of the bookshelves since the shelves were much more stable than anticipated.  This allowed us to paint the wall behind the shelves blue, which I love.

In fact, I loved the blue so much, I decided to do a bulky stripe of it around the room.  It looks great next to the khaki wall color.

We still have a ton to do – assembling the dressers and painting them, cleaning up the room, adding curtains and bedding, hanging art, adding accessories, filling up the bookshelves, and moving all of the kiddo’s stuff into the space.  But really, the painting and built-ins were the hardest part.   That’s where we are at.

~ Anne

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  1. Keryl permalink
    March 23, 2010 9:58 am

    Can’t wait to see the next phase of the project!

  2. steven permalink
    March 23, 2010 6:55 pm

    Agreed, its gonna be good. I feel it

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