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By The Book Design – A Stopover in Venice

February 2, 2010
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A Stopover in Venice takes place in a private home of a wealthy widow. The home was formerly a convent, though not in the traditional sense. This “convent” was more like an artist colony for young, unmarried, female artists. The story unfolds as a group of historians uncover the tale of one of these young ladies.

The historians spend a lot of time gathered in chambers discussing their discoveries and what they mean. I picture them in a study of sorts with ample seating and furnishings that span time periods. Here is my concept:

1.  Gilded sconces impart the first luxe touch for our room.

2.  I imagine a pale, peachy-brown on frescoed walls. Golden mustard accents pepper the space.

3.  What would Venice be without an aged mirror? I love the detailing on this one. I can just imagine how beautiful the candlelight will look when it dances off the mirror’s speckled surface.

4, 5, 6.  Chairs, chairs, chairs. Since the furnishings were collected over time, they vary in style and design. A little floral here, a little gilding there and a touch of leather make for an eclectic mix.

7.  I LOVE the carvings on this walnut library table. I can just imagine academics spreading ancient texts across this table in scholarly pursuit.

8.  I like that this rug brings a feminine touch to the room. I specifically chose a more modern rugs because a rug would have been more recently replaced.

9.  Finally, a large-scale shelving unit to hold books is essential for any study. The fact that this piece has less detailing than the table and chairs helps keep the space from feeling too heavy.

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  1. mike permalink
    February 2, 2010 11:27 am

    An aged mirror or ageless mirror might remind me a little of Dorian Grey.


  2. steven permalink
    February 2, 2010 5:23 pm

    i like the leather chair with i guess the mini ottoman thing

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